We love Bear Creekers! Thank-you

We love Bear Creekers! Thank-you

We appreciate your support for your local escape in the Ozarks

At Bear Creek we sell experience. Yes, we do sell great beer, wine, pizza and small bites, but we sell much more than that. We sell views, outdoor space, fresh air, relaxation, atmosphere and experience.  We have the privilege of selling memories.  We have been blown away by our customer response upon re-opening and all the kind words and thank-you’s and relief expressed by all you “Bear Creekers” for our re-opening have truly been amazing.

When we temporarily closed our doors due to the virus it was far too quiet.  We came in every day to the same beautiful view, with the same great atmosphere, but it made us as a family realize that our dream of a property is nothing without our customers. With no corks popping on a busy Saturday; or without talented musicians singing away; or  without pizza and hot pretzels wafting out the doors; or the smell of hops and malt brewing away; it’s nothing more than a beautiful property.  We have come to realize that you contribute as much as we do to the experience.  We looked so forward to having an exhausting weekend again, of providing our customers with a great time and were uncertain, as most small businesses, of what the future would hold, but you have all delivered.  You have provided us with confidence, with your incredible support of your little escape in the Ozarks.  For the numerous customers that said upon ordering “Thanks so much for re-opening!”  “We were so worried for you.”  Or “It’s so nice to be back here again to relax and enjoy music on the deck.”  We thank you!  And yes, we are back and better than ever!  We had lots of down time to make all kinds of upgrades to our property such as picnic table seating throughout the property to properly distance and allow customers to get even more outdoor experience.  We are happily open again and are thrilled to provide all of you with an escape from your worries, a bit of normalcy, and aid in fostering a love of the Ozarks and the outdoors. We can’t wait to see you again this weekend or any day of the week for that matter.  Thanks for buying and supporting local creativity and experience.